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Glorious Future { SEED Roleplay } !
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The battle between the Naturals and Coordinators has finally been settled. Civilians and soldiers alike strive to re-build their lives and with this newfound peace, new hopes arise for a more glorious future.

Enter your average coordinator Shinn Asuka, who also seeks a future in which he can make a difference in this world..

Background -

This is an AU ( Alternate Universe ) type Roleplay in which ideas abound and anything can happen!

Shinn Asuka never experienced the loss of his family and lived as a normal and happy teenager, he also has already known both Luna and Meyrin for some time and is good friends with them. The plan is to have him register for the ZAFT military training academy, seeking fame and glory but instead discovery that the life of a soldier is not all it's cracked up to be. ( In this Shinn will still be bratty, but not as angsty or hateful as he is in the show, in this aspect there can be alot of interesting character interaction as well as his own personal development. )

As far as Kira and co ( This includes Miriallia ) - Their storyline starts around the time of the OVA ( or a little later ) where each character begins to heal from the affects of the war and work to pick up their lives. The situations are yours to create from there, so have fun!

OMNI Druggies - Stellar and Auel can basically do anything they wish. Either as lab subjects, or under-going Military and combat training, even as kidnapped kids who are forced to be tested upon. It's up to their players completely. If and when we get a Neo, he can be worked into the plot.

Yzak - Yzak can basically branch off in any direction as of this point since we're not sticking to a strict follow the show exactly storyline, so any ideas you have, run with them. :D

So there are you basic plans, I look forward seeing all of your ideas, and hope you have a great time while being apart of this.

If you have any questions, complaints or any additional ideas to add here, please contact either birdboy or aralana and we'd be happy to hear them!

Now go forth and Roleplay! :D


1. No flaming, bashing, or general rudeness to other players. If you have some kind of problem with the player or how they handle a character, take it up personally with them through AIM or some other form of messaging. This community will not tolerate any kind of Drama or personal conflict that players decide to bring into it.

2. Stay in character. For a RP to work, it's important that the characters are portrayed as accurately as possible. Even if this is an Alternate Universe, we still like to keep it serious and play the characters as best we can. I mean, wouldn't it just be a little creepy to have a hyper, smiling Rey, or an emo! goth Lacus?..

3. Please post and participate regularly! We don't want this place to die !

4. Please use decent Grammer. No n3t speak, or using Faces is posts, like " Hi how are you :D ". We're not asking you to have perfect spelling or sentence structure, but atleast make it legible.

5. As far as choosing Characters goes - Each person joining is allowed to take up ONE major character ( Luna, Kira, etc. ) and One Minor role ( Vino, Arthur, etc. ). If after a while, not enough of the main roles are taken, then we will allow players to take up another major character.

5. Have fun! :D


Moderators - birdboy and aralana
Any Questions, Comments, or Concerns, should be posted in the OOC comm - glorious_ooc
Roleplay should be done in the RP comm - glorious_rp
All older RP threads will be moved to gloriousarchive for any future reference.
If you wish to apply for a character, please reply to [This Post]
Character posts can either be written in first or third-person.

Taken Characters

Shinn Asuka - ignited_crimson
[Played By - birdboy]
Meyrin Hawke - _meyrin_
[Played By - aralana]
Mayu Asuka - mayu_asuka_
[Played by - elthena]
Meer Campbell - meer_campbell_
[Played by - elthena]
Stellar Loussier - shinkainokodoku
[Played by - decapre]
Miriallia Haww - miri_
[Played by - katya_jule]
Auel Neider - _babyauel
[Played by - stroberimeteor]
Athrun Zala - asuran_x09a
[Played by - saccron]
Yzak Jule - yzakforvoltaire
[Played by - pentacle_fate]
Shiho Hahnenfuss - lazywaters
[Played by - katya_jule]
Dearka Elthman - delsman
[Played by - misteline]
Kira Yamato - kira_of_earth
[Temporarily Played by - mazui_desu]
Sting Oakley - sting_extended
[Temporarily Played by - mazui_desu]
Lacus Clyne - symphonyofhope
[Played by - lumizstar]
Lunamaria Hawke - runamaria
[Played by - _predilection]

Open Characters

Kira Yamato
Cagalli Yula Attha
Sting Oakley
Rey Za Burrel
Talia Gladys
Heine Westenfluss
Neo Lorrnoke
Murrue Ramius
Arthur Trine
Vino Dupre
Youlant Kent
Gilbert Dullindal

Mod note: We may be adding characters or taking some away depending on what we can do with them. Once you take a character, they will be in/worked into the plot. Also, if you have an idea for a character that is not on the list, contact one of the Mods.