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[January 28, 2007 // 1:57am]

Good news everyone!

We now have a new Lunamaria player! Everyone please add runamaria to your friends list and give a warm welcome to _predilection who will be playing her from now on!

Great to have you with us :D!
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[January 10, 2007 // 3:56pm]

Sadly we have come to the desison to find a new Lunamaria. If you know anyone, please point them this way. For our part, we will adverties. ^___^
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[January 02, 2007 // 6:42pm]

Heylo everyone! The Festival post is up! You can find it here! This thread is for everyone to join in on! We'd really like to do some interations between characters that have not met yet. It doesn't have to be alot, it could be as little as bumping into eachother and then going on your way or as much as holding a conversation.

Sorry this took so long to get up! All the old threads have been moved also. So we can start up again fresh! There is still more planing in the works over the story line direction, so for now lets just mingle and have fun. You never know, something that happens can be used later in the story line!
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[August 17, 2006 // 2:18pm]


Reply to this post if you are ready for a thread to be moved or
if you need time. Now since there is more then one person in each thread you should talk to the people you we're RPing with about if you want the thread moved yet or not. Or, you could just comment here and hope they see it and put in there two cents. thats what I'm gonna do

birdboy, elthena and I would like to finish the thread we had.

athrun_cagalli, are you still going to be active? Since we need you to do that.
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Back from the Deeeead ! [August 02, 2006 // 2:20pm]

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Alright guys, I think our little vacation has lasted long enough and it's time to get back into action and revive the RP! What do you say? :D

aralana and I have been talking recently to decide how to handle things and what to change to better the RP, and here's what he have planned so far:

Any old or un-finished threads will be moved to an archive community ( Which we will create soon ) to be saved for future reference, memories, etc. This won't happen right away since we'll allow anyone who wanted to finish a thread to do so as long as they're pretty quick about it. But like we said these changes won't happen right away so there's no rush or pressure, but if it does take too long to finish something up then it will automatically be moved. Once the threads have been moved we will then begin the Festival scene that had been planned since it will be a fresh start and also give everyone something to have fun with.

The plot will also go through a few minor changes to give everyone a chance for RP and also something to do so they're not just waiting around for action. Any input either here or in the OOC comm would be appreciated since we love hearing your thoughts and suggestions. :3

and finally I'd like to apologize for not taking any earlier efforts to keep this place from dying and for leaving it alone for quite a while. I really appreciate everyone's hard work and the effort you've put into this place and I hope we can make it happen again! :D

So, who's still here and how does this all sound?

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[April 30, 2006 // 7:56pm]

Gyah.. I'm so sorry everyone for neglecting my Mod duties and being absent for so long!! I know you've all put alot of effort here, and I'm sorry for not keeping up.

Here's the deal though, were not DEAD, more like on Hiatus since I know alot of people still have tests and other personal affairs that come before RPing and stuff. Plus, myself and aralana are working out the Festival idea and will hopefully have some sort of base for it up soon. Or atleast a start for everyone can join in. We should start things off again come this Summer when people have more time! But still, don't stop posting ideas and comments in the OOC comm because we can use them and it's great to have lots of fresh Ideas to go on! :D

I know it's been kinda rough, but hey we're still here and we can pick it up again. So let's all do our best okay?

And once again, I'm really sorry everyone!
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[February 12, 2006 // 4:18pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Alright everyone, I know things are going at a slow rate and that some of you are getting a little impatient, but don't worry! Having a slow start is nothing to worry about! It's just that for alot of people there is school, and other kinds of things in life to deal with and sometimes Roleplaying can't be done. But we're still here, and I know we'll pick up soon. And I know alot of you already know this, but I'm just assuring you not to worry :D

Okay then, let's see.. first order of business is this! -


If you have'nt looked at this thread already then please do! mazui_desu is starting to gather ideas and options for a big scene and I think it's a great idea! and I know mazui_desu and myself would love to hear everyone's input! So please check it out okay? :D

Also, don't forget to submit your contact information to this post as well -


Alright, and I think that's the big news. Everyone, Thank you again so much for all your time, effort and hard work! Let's keep having alot of fun together alright? :D!


PS - Eh, I'll start working on new layouts as well! Hopefully I can get them up soon.

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